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A man was running walking to his destination and came across a mountain. He could hear the sounds of those who were chasing him. The mountain like a colossus stood defiantly in his path. All that he had was a rope and no equipment to climb the mountain. It was either climb the mountain or risk being caught. There was no other way to reach his destination. He looked at the mountain and made a decision. He placed his hand upon the rock and started his ascent up the mountain.

Some people saw the man climbing the mountain from a distance and laughed at him. The man ignored his critics and moved upon the rock. Inch by inch, he climbed the mountain. Soon his hands were sore, his feet hurting but he kept on climbing. He had no resources but his rope, his strength and his mind. Many hours later, he stood upon the summit of the mountain. He did not climb the mountain because the mountain was there. He climbed the mountain with no resources because he

Quieting a Personal Computer

Quieting a Personal ComputerThe good news is that there is definitely a market for products like rubber case fan mounts that quiet the computer. The main part that makes noise within a computer is the cooling compartment, and thankfully there are many products that can quiet it and make the cooling much more efficient. This in turn protects the computer and lets it last longer.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to quiet a laptop. While they are the most popular type of computer, they are also the loudest. To make matters worse, many try to quiet it by muffling the bottom where the fan is located and then the computer overheads. In the case of a laptop, explore the various manufacturers and how they engineer their products to stay quiet.

Anyone who has a desktop computer, however, should have plenty of easy ways to keep it quiet. With the right amount of time, effort and money one can soon have a quiet and efficiently operating machine.

Replacing Blowers

In the average computer there are

Cool Tech Words That You Need To Know

Cool Tech Words That You Need To KnowIn the present world, we are living in the time of mechanical progressions and advancements. Along these lines, it is something better to think about fundamental innovation subtle elements. Truth be told, there are an expansive number of things and terms that are identified with the innovative things thus you have to know them.

Really, the tech expressions and words might be difficult to decipher regardless of the possibility that you are Googling. Around then, you might need to know only a little clarification about these terms in the profoundly compelling way. In that way, on the off chance that you are an amateur to the current innovative terms and you can’t take after what individuals are discussing? At that point, here is the answer for you. Yes, now you can see about various types of innovative words in this article.

Indeed, the PC and the Internet are the most widely recognized mechanical things on the planet which presents a ton of new terms to us. Along these lines, how about we start

A Mini Computer and an LCD Screen

A Mini-Computer and an LCD Screen - The Smartest Way to Go GreenEverybody today is at least a bit aware of the importance of a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of living. Some scientists argue that this is an essential component of the strategy of tackling the environmental issue that plagues the world today. This tactic is usually referred to as the Green Revolution and aims to aid us live greener lifestyles. Although this usually involves some quite challenging changes in our everyday lives (such as changing our diet or the way we go from A to B), there are some things we could do to make our lives more eco-friendly and therefore our carbon footprint somewhat smaller. One such thing is making use of more low-consumption electronics.

When Elon Musk’s well-known company Tesla released its latest product, he envisioned a public where everybody could live off renewable energy. This was made possible to some extent through the use of high-performance batteries like the Powerwall which aims to provide all the electric power a household needs, should it be off the

How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last LongerThe increasing usage of smartphones has meant that most of us are using them more and more these days. We call, use internet, read news, do online shopping, book tickets, do online baking these days and use our smartphones for various other purposes. The convenience and comfort is something that has made our lives much easier and hassle free. But doing so many things puts a big strain on the batteries of our smartphones. I will list some steps that you can adopt to help your smartphone battery last longer.

Charging battery frequently: The smartphones we use have big batteries so that we do not need to charge them again and again. But a lot of people are in the habit of charging them frequently and this is something that must be avoided. By charging your battery a lot of times you are putting extra strain on the battery and this will only have a negative impact on the life and performance of the battery. It is advisable to charge your smartphone battery when

Keys To An Efficient Help Desk

Keys To An Efficient Help DeskOne of the greatest things we’ve gained from our clients is the means by which critical part handles play in running your help work area at crest proficiency. When you give the help they need, and you do as such rapidly, you set your place as their go-to master for innovation administrations support.

Helping Your Help Desk

So what does the majority of this mean for the administration of your help work area? You should make certain you have an arrangement set up for ensuring this essential purpose of contact can address those approaching issues immediately.

The key to idealizing your help work desk, start with these four standards for genuine proficiency.

Everything Is A Ticket

Tickets are the guard to the majority of your most vital information, so this is by a wide margin the most essential guideline. Each occurrence and solicitation ought to be logged to catch all work performed, whether it’s huge or little, dire or schedule.

Despite whether its solicitations, occurrences, issues, occasions, or change administration, it

Keeping Up With Tech Trends

Keeping Up With Tech TrendsWith the continuing evolution of technology, it’s not surprising how trends are constantly changing as well. A big number of companies try to create new trends or keep up and ride with the current ones as they create new tech startups that will hook the public and keep them wanting for more.

It even earned $50,000 a day! After feeling guilty about it’s addictive nature, the creator of the game removed the game from application stores. But that gave opportunity for other developers to create their own application that was similar to it. So not long after that, hundreds of flappy bird-like applications were created and released in the application stores. But now it seems like the hype has died down and flappy bird will now just become another tech trend faded memory.

If you’re one of the companies that are making plans now for a new tech trend or you’re simply just making drafts for a new one, make sure you pay attention to what we think are the four rising tech trends this year.

Whats Up With Mechanical Keyboards

What's Up With Mechanical KeyboardsWhy should anyone want to spend upwards of $100 on a mechanical keyboard instead of sticking with a basic $20 model? A keyboard is a keyboard, right? Not so much, actually. My opinion changed when I finally tried out a mechanical keyboard. Suddenly, I found the keys on my rubber dome keyboard to be horribly squishy. What’s so special about mechanical keyboards? To answer that, I’ll start with a little history.

In the early days of personal computers, keyboards were large, expensive devices. They consisted of a sturdy printed circuit board mounted to a metal plate with mechanical switches of various types that provide tactile and/or audible feedback when pressed. This left you with no doubt whether or not you successfully typed a character. There was no need to pound on the keyboard and bottom out on each stroke just to guarantee the keypress registered.

These keyboards were large and heavy and cost upwards of $100. When the average personal computer cost somewhere between $2,000 – $5,000, this additional price was negligible.

However, as computers

Golden Rules of Tech

Golden Rules of TechI believe there are some important rules that all computer professionals must follow regardless of the specific area of expertise. I’m going to call these “The 5 Golden Rules of Tech” and see what you think of this, but it’s my daily creed. I’d like to get some feedback on these whether you are a tech or a user who has had experience with tech support of any kind. If you’ve ever dealt with a tech who didn’t follow these rules, you probably are in the majority. Have I missed any major points on these golden rules?

  1. Always show respect for the person you are supporting (user) and never make them feel stupid for not having your level of expertise. I’ve seen many techs make fun of users and it’s not pretty. It’s the same thing as that bully that used to do it to you in school because you were a nerd. Not cool.
  2. Never be too proud to call technical support for assistance with a product you aren’t totally familiar with or even one you

Amazing Technologies That Reformed History

A Look at Seven Amazing Technologies That Reformed HistoryTechnology has changed and expanded drastically during the last five years. It pervaded into every possible niche be it business, education, real estate or any other. Smart-devices, no bigger than the palm of our hands, are standalone computer devices with which taking pictures, browsing internet, send emails and performing typical phone operations is a cinch. You may feel as if technology has finally reached its limits but is actually striding beyond imagine.

If we go back to around 20 years or so, personal computers started to land in small sizes and affordable for almost every family to buy. But that’s just the beginning and technology since then showed no sign of slowing down or decline as every device available today is tied to computing by some means.

When you compare the original size of computers with present times, it’s hard to comprehend how and why it happened but the smaller they get; more powerful and faster performance than ever. Since discussing the complete list of tech revolution in history can be considered

Choosing the Right Technology for Kids

Choosing the Right Technology for KidsToday, we live in a digital world that’s supported majorly with technology and while technology has changed our world, it also plays an important role in our child’s developmental milestones. Thanks to the latest trends in the field of educational based technology, kids are now getting up close and personal with technology daily, at homes and at school.

But is there really a need to of making technology available only at a particular age? Not really, as technology also plays a very positive and vital role while a child is growing. Today with an introduction of smartphones and other mobile devices like tablet PCs and tablets, we have quicker and comfortable access to the internet at any time and any place. This makes it a must have for kids too, as they help promote and share knowledge and information that’s related to child’s day to day activities along with school based education.

What to buy?

There’s a whole wide range of electronic toys and devices available in the market, that are great portable

Do We Give Thanks To Mobile Phones Or We Curb It Down

Do We Give Thanks To Mobile Phones Or We Curb It DownPleasure or Punishment

Do we give thanks to the mobile phone for blessing us with technology or we curse it because it has distanced us from our families? It has done both actually. Since the advent of 21st century the technology has also turned new and given us unimaginable things that we didn’t even think of in the 1990’s. But look now. Today, the iPhone 6, the tablets, the Smartphone, the laptops and palm tops and what not have made things so easy. We can book our movie tickets, download huge 4 hours movies and documentaries, learn hard mathematical equations, download recipes and eat delicious food and what not. Mobile has done everything that we humans are not capable to do it by our own physical hands. And what’s ironic it is us-the human brains that have invented this piece of technology. But is it is really giving us what we wished for?

All-Town Story

For the techno freaks this is a good option. They can’t live without

How to Choose an Internet Service Provider

How to Choose an Internet Service ProviderAn Internet service provider is the company that provides you with Internet connectivity in your home or business. Generally, this business will be one of several providing these amenities in your geographic area. Review the packages available from each company to determine which one fits your needs and budget.

Package Options

Some ISPs offer Internet connection only and others bundle additional services together to create other packages. Explore the packages offered by companies and then consider what you need for your family or business. For example, you might be able to get your telephone and television services bundled together into one package instead of paying separately for these items. Many people save money with this bundling. However, consider a few caveats. Once you combine all of these items into one package, it may become more difficult to change providers for a single service at a future time. Also, many companies offer special introductory rates for bundles, and prices go up significantly after you sign a contract.

Cost and Terms

Consider the fees

Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

Tips To Speed Up Your ComputerHas your computer become slower than an old steam engine? If it has, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and speed it up. While there are a number of tools that claim to help in boosting computer speed, the best slow computer fix lies within your operating system. Check out these ten quick tips to speed up your computer and boost its performance.

1. Clear Up Old Programs

Clicking a few buttons on an installation wizard and adding a program to the existing repertoire on your computer is easy. However, every tiny program that is added to the list can play a part in slowing down your computer. Even if you are not actively using them, some of these programs tend to run background processes that can be a huge drain on your machine’s resources. Uninstalling programs that you don’t or rarely use is the first speed fix for your machine, and can be done quite simply from the Control Panel. So get started with “spring cleaning” your computer and watch it

Dont Look Now But You Have Been Hacked

Don't Look Now But You Have Been HackedMost every home and business office now has a firewall that separates your internal computer network from the wild west of the world wide internet. The good news is that firewalls have become increasingly more sophisticated and properly configured can do an excellent job in securing your internal computer network devices. Modern firewalls now include intrusion detection and prevention, email spam filtering, website blocking and most are able to generate reports on who did what and when. They not only block evil doers from outside your network, but they police the users on the inside from accessing inappropriate resources on the outside internet. Employees can be blocked from visiting sites that can rob your business of valuable productivity time or violate some security compliance requirement. Prime business hours is really not the time to update your Facebook page! Nor do we want our medical and financial service folks using an instant messaging service to chat with and outsider!

The Firewall is the electronic equivalent of the “front door” to your computer network and there

Technology That You Can Wear

Technology That You Can WearEverything in innovation is transforming into keen contraptions, and wearable tech devices are the absolute most prominent. These more intelligent advancements can do anything from reading a clock to cautioning you of potential harm, and they’re hot things in the tech world.

Be that as it may, that doesn’t imply that they are all great quality. Despite the fact that there are many wearable gadgets available, large portions of them are erroneous and not justified regardless of the cost. In case you’re in the business for a clever device that will be justified regardless of your cash and convey results, consider these top wearable tech contraptions.

1. Apple Watch

Apple fans have been holding up with teased breath, lastly the Apple Smart Watch is here. It turned out in online stores in April, and is situated to hit stores in America and parts of the United Kingdom in ahead of schedule June. It’s additionally expected to be accessible in Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, and Taiwan, beginning June 26. The greatly appealing item is fundamentally

Why Private Clouds Stand a Chance of Failing

Why Private Clouds Stand a Chance of FailingCloud computing has changed the way software companies do business. Today with the help of cloud computing companies can save a lot of their overhead costs in both software and hardware by buying the cloud services. In cloud software and hardware are offered as a service and the companies do not need to invest in having them physically in their office.

They can access their data from the cloud with something as simple as a web browser. This feature of cthe loud has increased the portability of data. Though popularly adopted as one of the best ways of computing, private clouds are beginning to fail.

So, why don’t they work? Why is it that we also have to look at other options? Are they not secure as they were thought to be?

The reasons identified are not all related to technical issues.

Let us have a look at the reasons as to why these fail:

1. Focusing on just saving costs by using the cloud: Most people focus only on

The Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion ControllerLeap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller has ushered in a brand new generation of interaction with your computer or laptop, using gesture control technology. With just a wave of your hand, you can type, click, or swipe your screen. The Leap Motion Controller is able to detect your movements, with precision detail. It can “see” and mimic the movement of each of your fingers simultaneously, so the same motion used on a computer executes the Leap commands.

The advancement of technology makes the Leap Motion Controller differ from the voice and body recognition capabilities in the Kinect Sensor. Both devices make use of camera and microphone technology to enable voice and physical recognition. But, Leap uses infrared optics and cameras instead of depth sensors for 3-D image identification. The use of familiar motion makes adapting the use of the Leap device relatively easy. The device is easy to install and the small size doesn’t clutter the desk space. The device is about over three inches long, an inch wide and less than a half-inch thick. The

How to Store Pictures Without Using Cloud or iCloud Storage

How to Store Pictures Without Using Cloud or iCloud StorageAt times, you have a huge collection of pictures on your device that you tend to store on the cloud. However, with recent developments it is already proven that the pictures stored on cloud or your iCloud is also not safe. A scandal of celebrity pictures being leaked and hacked is all over the media. For iOS users, it is a big concern as due to limited data storage ability they tend to rely upon cloud service. However, there is still a solution to go cloud-free for iOS, as well as Android users. Read on to find out how this is possible.

All-in-One Solution

Instead of solely relying on online database or iCloud for your pictures an app by the name of Lyve Home does the trick. This app helps you manage your pictures across all the devices while managing all the available storage space. Even though, this app is not perfect but the one thing that you would appreciate about this app is the ability to integrate storage and manage

The Digital Revolution

The Digital RevolutionAre you part of the digital revolution? I am, but I admit to being a holdout until recently. I, like many others, thought there was no substitute for the quaintness of paper in your hands. How could you fully immerse yourself in a story without a book between your hands? Aren’t articles more powerful on glossy pages? Doesn’t the news hit harder on the grayish pages of a newspaper? I couldn’t imagine what would be lost if everything went digital.

Then I got the shock treatment. When my job was transferred to a new department in 2010, I had to move forty two boxes of files covering over thirty-five years of the history of my programs. The new department digitizes files, so I spent the first eight months at my new location scanning those files into their database system. As a result of that experience, I’m cured. There’s no quaintness to paper. It’s heavy, it cuts your fingers and tears up your hands, it takes up a tremendous amount of space, and a recent trip to an antique store