Why Private Clouds Stand a Chance of Failing

Why Private Clouds Stand a Chance of FailingCloud computing has changed the way software companies do business. Today with the help of cloud computing companies can save a lot of their overhead costs in both software and hardware by buying the cloud services. In cloud software and hardware are offered as a service and the companies do not need to invest in having them physically in their office.

They can access their data from the cloud with something as simple as a web browser. This feature of cthe loud has increased the portability of data. Though popularly adopted as one of the best ways of computing, private clouds are beginning to fail.

So, why don’t they work? Why is it that we also have to look at other options? Are they not secure as they were thought to be?

The reasons identified are not all related to technical issues.

Let us have a look at the reasons as to why these fail:

1. Focusing on just saving costs by using the cloud: Most people focus only on the saving aspect to use a cloud. Because of this they fail to understand and take advantage of all aspects of cloud usage.

2. Failure to have a vision: When people do not completely understand the potential of the cloud they end up using its services when they can get the same job done from other sources too.

3. Using the architecture developed for reference: Some companies do not customize the services they require instead end up using the existing reference architecture which may cause their application to fail.

4. Accommodating procedures that are in sync with the changed infrastructure: Most companies follow through only till changing infrastructure when migrating to a cloud environment. They should also ensure that the processes are changed too so that they can use the cloud to its full potential.

5. Mistaking every virtual environment as a cloud: All virtual environments needn’t be considered as a cloud. The extra feature cloud has from being virtual is that it is expandable to the needs of the user.

6. Partial towards one type of the cloud: There exist different types of clouds namely public, private and hybrid. Hybrid cloud is the best way to go today. Relying on public or private clouds heavily may cause problems such as security for public clouds and vendor issues for private clouds.

7. Absence of skilled teams: When working with the cloud, teams who are deploying should be properly equipped with the skill set necessary for its operation. Not being able to find such teams may also be the reason why the cloud is failing.

The Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion ControllerLeap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller has ushered in a brand new generation of interaction with your computer or laptop, using gesture control technology. With just a wave of your hand, you can type, click, or swipe your screen. The Leap Motion Controller is able to detect your movements, with precision detail. It can “see” and mimic the movement of each of your fingers simultaneously, so the same motion used on a computer executes the Leap commands.

The advancement of technology makes the Leap Motion Controller differ from the voice and body recognition capabilities in the Kinect Sensor. Both devices make use of camera and microphone technology to enable voice and physical recognition. But, Leap uses infrared optics and cameras instead of depth sensors for 3-D image identification. The use of familiar motion makes adapting the use of the Leap device relatively easy. The device is easy to install and the small size doesn’t clutter the desk space. The device is about over three inches long, an inch wide and less than a half-inch thick. The infrared sensors sit behind a glossy black panel on top. It has a connector port for a USB cable (included), and a green LED light on the front that lights up when it’s plugged in to a power source.

Currently, the online Leap Motion store has over 200 software applications. There are free and paid applications for Mac and Windows platforms. PC magazine highlighted 10 of the best as:


  • Molecules
  • Cyber Science – Motion
  • Frog Dissection


  • Boom Ball
  • Dropchord
  • Block54


  • Corel Painter
  • NYTimes for Leap
  • Touchless
  • Google Earth

Other applications for the controller include computer control software, creative tools, and music & entertainment. Imagine, playing the harp, piano, or bongos using just the motion. The affordable apps with the very low unit price of the Leap Motion Controller, getting started with this technology is easy. Once connected, you train the device to recognize motions you’re while using it.Leap Motion is the future of motion technology. The controller and emerging virtual reality technology are the next new thing in gaming and computer productivity, with the potential to empower everyone by expanding computer use capabilities. It is staggering to think how many real-world applications that the Leap is capable of. I suppose only time will tell when we can expect to have the Leap included with things like the next PlayStation or Xbox.

How to Store Pictures Without Using Cloud or iCloud Storage

How to Store Pictures Without Using Cloud or iCloud StorageAt times, you have a huge collection of pictures on your device that you tend to store on the cloud. However, with recent developments it is already proven that the pictures stored on cloud or your iCloud is also not safe. A scandal of celebrity pictures being leaked and hacked is all over the media. For iOS users, it is a big concern as due to limited data storage ability they tend to rely upon cloud service. However, there is still a solution to go cloud-free for iOS, as well as Android users. Read on to find out how this is possible.

All-in-One Solution

Instead of solely relying on online database or iCloud for your pictures an app by the name of Lyve Home does the trick. This app helps you manage your pictures across all the devices while managing all the available storage space. Even though, this app is not perfect but the one thing that you would appreciate about this app is the ability to integrate storage and manage things effectively. This app will cost you $299.

How does it work?

Google, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox all store your pictures online unlike this app. This app even surpasses cloud storage. All you pictures gets copied to a central device while at the same time making it available on all your devices. You will be able to view any picture using the app because it routes images or other files from one device to another. This is how every picture stored gets easily accessible to each device owned by a user.

It undoubtedly gives users a choice to share their pictures on the cloud or allows the app to manage it all for them without any hassle.

Initial Installation and the Process

On installing Lyve Home, it starts collecting copies of your pictures that are present across all your devices and desktop. This app gives you 2TB capacity that enables this functionality. A master index is created that stores all the date on the server of the company. It is stored in the form of unique codes that are assigned to each picture instead of actual pictures. It is like cataloging of all your pictures that takes a while depending upon the number of pictures that you have.

When you launch the app, it communicates with the larger database stored on the server and fetches you what you are asking for.


Even with the best intentions of designing Lyve Home app there are some things that might irk you about it:

• The slow process of communicating with the server and slow fetching of pictures

• It takes a while when organizing your pictures in the initial stage of installing this app

• This app is available for works with Android and Apple devices along with Mac and other laptops

• It is an expensive way of managing and organizing your apps

• Not for those who have few devices

It is advised that if you are keen on organizing your pictures other than cloud then you need other means that require help from a tech expert who will guide you through.

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The Digital Revolution

The Digital RevolutionAre you part of the digital revolution? I am, but I admit to being a holdout until recently. I, like many others, thought there was no substitute for the quaintness of paper in your hands. How could you fully immerse yourself in a story without a book between your hands? Aren’t articles more powerful on glossy pages? Doesn’t the news hit harder on the grayish pages of a newspaper? I couldn’t imagine what would be lost if everything went digital.

Then I got the shock treatment. When my job was transferred to a new department in 2010, I had to move forty two boxes of files covering over thirty-five years of the history of my programs. The new department digitizes files, so I spent the first eight months at my new location scanning those files into their database system. As a result of that experience, I’m cured. There’s no quaintness to paper. It’s heavy, it cuts your fingers and tears up your hands, it takes up a tremendous amount of space, and a recent trip to an antique store reminded me of how quickly it deteriorates.

Yes, digital is the way of the twenty first century. I switched to E-books. I get my news online. I create, scan, and store documents on my laptop. All I use paper for now is cleaning bird cages, and I get that newspaper from other paper hold-outs. If they decide to go digital, I suppose I’ll find another way to clean bird cages when that time comes.

Plus, I love trees. Maybe it’s living in the woods for most of my life, but being surrounded by green makes me happy. It seems a shame to chop it down when you can download and browse so much easier, faster, and more efficiently than flipping through reams of paper.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that hardbacks and paperbacks will go the way of the wind ever. There are too many of them out there, and that’s alright. It’s good to stay in touch with the past; but it’s also important to embrace the future. I still enjoy an occasional paperback, but admit to trading these frequently at secondhand bookstores. The books that stay are usually digital.

So yes, I’ve traded my bookshelves and filing cabinets for hard drives and mobile devices, and I’m proud of it. After all, improvements to the printing press helped fuel a little thing called The Protestant Revolution. Who knows where the digital revolution will lead? I don’t know but I’m there, fully armed with Wi-Fi and ready to go!